What Do You Think About School Lunches?

Mystery Food

“They are a strange gray color and they bounce,” Timmy said.

Now you may assume he was describing a type of super ball or some of that fabulous Silly Putty that can bounce pretty high when rolled tightly and dropped from a high place, but Timmy was describing the hot dogs that are served in the cafeteria of his school. (How he knows that they bounce, I have no idea and was afraid to ask.)

But with all of the focus on children eating healthy it was hard to believe gray, bouncy hot dogs are still in our schools, but according to Timmy they are available every Tuesday and Friday.

Healthier School Lunches

There are a lot of schools in the United States and around the world working on serving healthier meals, yet, it seems there are still places where gray, bouncey hot dogs are still the norm.

Many people argue that hot lunches should be eliminated from schools all together and that children should bring food from home. However, during these difficult economic times, many students are dependent on school sponsored lunch assistance to provide them with often their only meal of the day.

What Do You Think of School Lunches? Healthy or Not?

After reading an article about school lunches, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mobileweb/sloan-barnett/childhood-obesity-school-lunch_b_1071159.html we at DSP want to know what you think about school lunches? Is the food being served at your child’s school healthy? Should we eliminate school meals completely?

We want to hear from you!

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One Response to What Do You Think About School Lunches?

  1. Kloor says:

    No way I will let my future children eat school lunches. I know its easy coming from a kid who grew up with a stay at home mom, but I am very thankful for the healthy eating habits I learned from a young age. Far, Far too many parents in my opinion, even the well-to-do variety, forget that everything (and I do mean everything) begins at home. Come on, I was making my own lunches by 7th grade, and it would take what- less than 5 minutes.

    That said, I am torn over how to reform school lunches for those who rely on them for 1/3 to 1/2 of their daily calorie intake. While eliminating school lunches should be totally out of the question; perhaps, by eliminating the Education Servics Districts- responsible for low quality, highly processed carbohydrate dominated lunches served in schools would be a good start.

    Great post !!!!

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