It’s the universal five o’clock question. No, not “what drinks are on your happy hour menu”, sadly. It’s the less exciting “what’s for dinner?” AKA- “WFD” at our home.

Some Domestic Square Pegs don’t enjoy cooking or planning meals. Not me. I love to plan the week’s meals and avoid the dinnertime dilemma and inevitable pizza delivery. My reasons are two-fold: I like to eat healthy (mostly so I can enjoy the aforementioned happy hour specials) and I’m cheap (I’d rather spend that extra take-out money on Keratin).

No judgement on those who have that pizza guy’s number in their cell phones. Or, in their memories. Those folks probably don’t have a family of dust-bunnies living under their sofas. And beds. And children, for that matter.

Really, a weekly meal plan? Really?

Don’t let me fool you, our weekly meal plan does not include a fabulous, organic, gluten free, hormone free, balanced, grass fed, and delicious gourmet meal every night. Not, hardly. But, it does help us eat healthier, save money and keep stress at a minimum. Well, some days at least.

Typically, I cook a “real” meal three days a week, one day we enjoy a “Trader Joes faux meal” that only requires heating, two nights we eat out or have other plans, and one night we have “Acronym Night (AN)”.

Acronym night? No, we are not a MF (military family). I have found that with children (and husbands), it’s all about the marketing of the idea. Hence: BFD, FFY, and COTF were born. They are true Domestic Square Peg creations and are a huge hit at my house. Please feel free to make them your own:

BFD: Breakfast for Dinner. Obvious yet always popular.

FFY: Fend For Yourself. Also obvious yet still popular. Cereal counts.

COTF: Clean Out The Fridge. This one serves two purposes. Totally DSP!

The meal plan that is posted above the stove at my home also makes me feel like a little more of a Domestic Goddess. Hopefully, it diverts attention from the very friendly dust-bunny family that may gather under your feet as you marvel at my acronyms.

Smoke and mirrors, baby. Smoke and mirrors. SAM.


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4 Responses to WFD?

  1. Count Raoul says:

    Can’t believe meal time is so similar from coast-to-coast. Having watched three prodigy eat grease and sodium in various configurations for more than 25 years I can tell ya that their ears will not fall off nor their eyes turn yellow. Teaching good eating habits via home-cooked meals is really only valuable when your child is at a neighbors house and has been taught how to hide a lima bean and not throw it. Rest assured, it will not be eaten…. ever. And remember, OMGITSBI will always change the subject.

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