Dear Mom, Thanks for the Nuggets

Dear Mom,

Every Mother’s Day, it’s customary to tell your mother how much you appreciate, love and honor her. This year I will, of course, do the same thing.  I’m not stupid. However, this year I’d like to offer you a little positive feedback.

With each passing year my understanding of what really means to be a parent grows as my child grows.  I thought you’d like to know a parenting skill I’m getting quite good at, that I attribute 100% to you.  I know I have never thanked you before for this.  Sometimes, in fact, this skill was met with an eye roll or even hostility.  Not now.  Oh no.

I’m sure now that we are adults and out of the house, my sisters would all join me in thanking you from the bottom of our hearts for your most precious parenting gift.  CATCHPHRASES!  You know, your one-liners.  They’re fantastic!  In just a few simple words you have the power to say so much.

At mealtime, “Your next choice is hungry.”  Right to the point and I even get choices!  When there’s a wailing baby at the grocery store, “Remember that sound when you’re 16 and in love.”  Shivers.  I even have grown to respect “Because I said so!”  A classic.  But the winner is…”Just remember who you are and what you represent.”  Brilliant!  Just vague enough to apply to most situations (off to a party…getting ready for a date…doing a book report…whatever!) but simple enough so that saying “huh?” makes you look stupid.

Mom, I can’t thank you enough for these divine nuggets of wisdom.  I can only hope that my “Smarter not harder” lives up to the standard you set.  I’ve been working on a new one and would appreciate some feedback.  “The best thing you’ll ever taste in your whole life, you haven’t tried yet.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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One Response to Dear Mom, Thanks for the Nuggets

  1. Katie says:

    DSP Jack’s mom sounds like a hoot! Her one liners had me laughing out loud. Thanks for sharing!

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