Dear Dad, Thanks for Teaching Me to Throw Like a Boy, but Act Like a Lady.

When you’re an only child, you get all the glory. You also get all the blame. You get all the love and all the praise. But, when the scissors are missing or the car has a mysterious scratch, there is no one else to take the punishment.

There are things my father taught me growing up that I am certain stemmed from the fact that he saw me as both his daughter, and his son. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It fit for me and made me the person I am today – for better or for worse.

This year, for Father’s Day I compiled a list of the top 20 things my father taught me that proved that I was not a spoiled rotten only child. I was simply spoiled with his undivided attention, love, and sporadic frustration.

  1. I can bait a ballyhoo on a hook, set it in a dolphin’s mouth and then filet it with the best of them.
  2. Ladies keep their nails nice when it matters.
  3. Antique cars are to be revered, appreciated and collected. My first one was a 1956 Ford we restored together (well, actually I watched and he financed and worked on it).
  4. Lefty loosey, righty tighty.
  5. Red, Right, Returning.
  6. Men open the door. Always.
  7. Science is not for boys only. And science experiments really are COOL.
  8. Dark rum tastes better when you are sitting in the sand on an island in the Caribbean listening to a steal drum.
  9. Real men can lead on the dance floor. Real ladies follow…until they want to lead.
  10. Husbands and wives can be best friends.
  11. He taught me how to ‘throw like a boy’ and now understands that I refer to it when I teach my daughter to ‘throw like a girl’.
  12. Wigs at parties can change people. Usually for the better.
  13. Two water skis are for wimps.
  14. Everyone needs a tool box – perferabley stocked with “good” tools.
  15. MDF is never a good choice.
  16. You get what you pay for.
  17. Measure twice. Cut once.
  18. Take what you want, but eat what you take.
  19. You can always come home. (Even if we charge you rent right out of College)
  20. You are loved. Never settle for anything less.

I can only hope that I can take these tools bestowed upon me by my father and pass them on to my two children. Growing up an only child fit for our family. Happy Father’s Day to the best Dad ever.

I will always be your little girl – even if I do fish like a boy.

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3 Responses to Dear Dad, Thanks for Teaching Me to Throw Like a Boy, but Act Like a Lady.

  1. Tom Hodgson says:

    I’m lucky enough to know Dads like yours and can feel the love. Nature assures that all of us have a father. Many fortunate get to being raised by a Dad.

  2. Cari Thomas says:

    DSP Dixie – one lucky girl! For all of us with amazing Dads, who always put their daughters first, taught us to be tough & sweet at the same time – this is a wonderful tribute to our dads. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Nonna and Poppy says:

    I always tell everyone that I have only “one perfect daughter”. It really is true. I can’t believe some of the creative things she comes up with. How did she get so much smarter than either I or Judy? Thank you “little girl” for writing such a touching list of remembrances about us. You just keep on amazing me. I love you, Dad

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