Guest Writer DSP Dad Eric Taylor: When the Language Barrier is Broken

In the place that is Portlandia, soccer is sort of a  big deal.

My children play soccer, watch it on television and have been to many a Portland Timbers game where we sit in the upper-level seats of the Timbers Army section.

With its flag waving and non-stop cheering, experiencing the fabled north end has been nothing short of glorious. The people who make up the crowd: a living, breathing, boisterous symbol of a proud city.

But recently my 10-year-old daughter and I had a chance to get closer to the field and we took it.

Be careful little ears...what you may hear.

Now you should understand the difference between the upper and lower levels of “this section” is like the difference between The Director’s Cut DVD version of Pulp Fiction and the one edited for television.  Meaning, the further down you go, the more grown up it gets.  Words begin to match lip movement and the imagery becomes more… shall we say… vivid.

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