Not (Quite) Mother’s Best “Homemade” Cookies

The Best Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever (Truly)

One of my mom’s dearest friends, we’ll call her T, is well known within our community for being The Best Baker Ever.  Literally, every cookie, muffin, peanut butter bar that comes out of her kitchen is magical.  Suffice to say, when T delivered a warm plate of perfectly golden, fluffy, warm chocolate chip cookies, they didn’t last the night (ok, hour might be more accurate).  As we inhaled the cookies and raved about The Best Chocolate Chips Cookies Ever, I begged her for the recipe.  She protested, but finally caved, with the stipulation that her secret never be shared… Well, this secret is too good to keep under wraps, because it turns out her perfect chocolate chip cookies are a little less than homemade.  Let’s just feel good about the fact that I didn’t tell you who T really is and her reputation as a master baker is safe!

Fake and Bake: DSP style baking

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Not (Quite) Mother’s “Homemade” Leftover Halloween Candy Bar Recipe

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Not (Quite) Mother’s Coffee Grounds Hand Scrub

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Not (Quite) Mother’s Homemade Tomato Sauce

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“I Wish I Never Taught My Kids to Make Their Own Breakfast,” said No One EVER!

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Not (Quite) Mother’s 4th of July Rocket Dog…Blast Off!

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Not (Quite) Mother’s “I Don’t Bake” Graduation Dessert

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