We are real, Domestic Square Peg reviewers who take a look, put it on or try it out to find if it “fits” or “fails”. We’ll let you know which products and services we think may or may not be the perfect fit for your busy DSP lifestyle. (DSP chooses the products and services independently. We do not accept incentives to test products.- Just in case you were wondering.)

Product Review: Turbo Snake

DSP Coach 

I have always really liked my wife’s long, blond hair but after having a bathroom sink that was constantly slow to drain because of the amount of hair in it, I would not have protested if she told me she wanted to cut it. I was constantly trying things like liquid drain cleaning products and wire hangers. When I opened the Turbo Snake package I was skeptical to say the least. Two tiny coiled wires with Velcro type tips did not seem like it was going to solve my drain problems. But it was amazing. It was easy to use and pulled the clog out with little effort on my part. A great product that I will keep using.

DSP Lovey

I love the Turbo Snake. I can’t say enough good things about this product. For some reason two of my children use my sink nightly to brush their teeth often leaving behind leftover chunks of toothpaste in the bottom of my sink. Needless to say, my drain gets clogged frequently. The Turbo Snake is the second best option to solving my clog problems. (First option, of course would be for my kids to stop using my sink.) Anyway, a simple, effective product I can and will definitely keep using.

DSP Dixie – N/A

This is a first. Mark your calendars, buy a lottery ticket and call me “Fancy”. DSP Dixie tried out the ol’ Turbo Snake and lo and behold in both her bathroom sinks, nada came out! What? The DSP who would rather pluck her eyebrows than clean her house? Now, before you get too excited, let the record state that her sinks are only one year old. Back in the day, I once stuck an old fashioned wire hanger down my bathtub drain and pulled out a hairball the size of a mouse. So, stay tuned. I will test out the Turbo Snake in one year and let’s see what rodent appears this time. Any bets?

DSP Connie 

Oh Wow!  All I can say is where were you, Turbo Snake, last year when our bathroom sink refused to drain!  I couldn’t believe the results this morning, after DSP Dixie loaned me her Turbo Snake and the tool brought up hair and guck someone else must have left in our drain before we moved in 7 years ago!  This was way cheaper than a plumber, and such a simple solution.  It’s a fit for me!

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