Rx NURSE KRIS: Sagging Sex Life? Try Putting Down Your Book to Talk… now There’s a “Novel” Idea!

It’s been said time and time again: “sex sells“.
There is no better place to prove this particular saying true– than in the media.

Over just the past month ABC’s 20/20 aired: “The New Sex: Strange Arrangements”.
The Today Show Took a Tantalizing Peek at Lisa Rinna’s Big Fun Sexy Sex Book.
Dr. Oz aired a FIVE-part series called “Is This (50 shades of Grey) the Prescription for Female Libido?
And Lifetime TV is currently airing “7 Days of Sex“.

And oh, oh, OH there are so many more!

All I have to do is search “SEX” on my very own computer email and any given number of webzine articles are being advertised…selling yet another way to spice-up a sagging sex life.
Now, I am not complaining, no, no, no.  I find these articles as titillating as the next drama-driven DSP.
Of course, I also have no doubt the book “Fifiy Shades of Grey” is one reason why many folks are finding themselves fascinated and obsessed with enticing and engaging the opposite sex. In case you’ve been vacationing in Antarctica, and have not heard of this book– put almost ridiculously simply, the story focuses on the lives of a billionaire and college student who enter into an S&M relationship (he’s dominant, she’s submissive).
Of course it does.
And of course there is so much more to it, but what’s intriguing to me is the erotic buzz it’s creating– especially among married couples.

I can’t help but wonder what might happen if we simply put down the books, turned-off the computer (after you’ve finished reading DSP.com, of course) and the television– to take a moment to reflect upon what attracted us to our partner in the first place.
Toss aside the “sexy” whips and chains and try using sexy words to stimulate– not unlike the author of Fifty Shades.  What’s ironic is, it’s her choice of words that are so seductive.

Good communication is the basis for a great relationship.  It builds trust.  It allows– and encourages people to open up and express feelings which can then lead to, well, you know…

Remember talking into the wee hours of the morning when you and your partner first met?
Remember how it felt when you listened because you wanted to learn everything about this person you hoped to marry?
Remember when anticipation set the mood?
Remember when their words turned you on?

Just think about where passion first blossomed, try it.  Take a moment to listen… really listen. It worked for author E.L. James and I’ll bet it can work for you.