DSP Nurse Kris: Your (almost) Daily Dose

Jeanette of Georgia wants to know ~ if it’s okay she bribes her kids to drink milk by putting chocolate in it?

Absolutely!  What matters is your kiddos are getting all the calcium and unique combo of nutrients  milk provides. If adding a little chocolate or strawberry flavoring encourages them to drink more, go for it!  We all have to choose our battles when it comes to kids and this is not one I’d spend any time on– and I don’t.  My kids ONLY drink chocolate milk!  In fact, science even backs us up. Studies have  proven when non-milk drinkers were given flavored milk, they simply drank more. They also found those kids didn’t take in any more sugar, fat or calories because of the added flavor.  So there, ‘nuf said!

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Rx NURSE KRIS: Smell the Roses. Skip the Pencils.

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