Rx NURSE KRIS: Stick It Where the Sun DON’T Shine

I love the sun.
It just so happens, I live in an area of the country where the sun just don’t shine.

The truth is the sun is somewhere high above the cloud cover just about half of the year (52%, to be exact). This is the reason we locals seek the sunshine with such enthusiasm and passion— and when we find it, we soak it in! It can’t do THAT much damage in such a short time, right? Wrong! Dead wrong. Even above the clouds, that 6-billion-year-old star (known as the sun) can cause trouble.

Many of the ideas for my articles come from my own life— or our readers lives.
This time it was a few pictures a friend posted on Facebook that got me thinking. Pictures of gals who did what so many do— run for the sun when the weather has become a bit too soggy.

Everything looked perfect! A pool, pretty cocktails, cute bikinis, good friends and that ever elusive SUNSHINE! It’s the sun that’ll boost a mood and vitamin D. It’s that same sun that can cause our skin to sag, wrinkle and develop cancer— even cause your eyes to develop cataracts. Read more »

Rx NURSE KRIS: Time to “Pick” Another Habit

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Nurse Kris: Your (almost) Daily Dose

So you’ve got a big zit*.  C’mon, you KNOW you want to pop it, but everything you’ve ever read says NOT TO! Truth is, even skin docs have popped their own pimples from time to time and here’s how they … Read more »

DSP Nurse Kris: Your Daily Dose

DSP Sandy of Minnesota ~ wonders if her kitchen sponge is as gross as they say? Yep, it is!  After sponges soak-up the food scraps and suds, they become packed with harmful bacteria. But there are a few ways to … Read more »

Rx NURSE KRIS: Dinner can Wait. Laundry Won’t Go Anywhere. Put Your Feet Up & Read!

In honor of  NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK, a few fun words from our favorite ORIGINAL Domestic Square Peg and author… ~ Erma Bombeck “As a child, my number one best friend was the librarian in my grade school. I actually believed … Read more »

Rx NURSE KRIS: Healthy Recycling = Healthy Environment

Not long ago,  the city where I live made the life of this Domestic Square Peg just a little bit easier— they combined recycling.  Hallelujah!  No more sorting stinky old boxes, cans and bottles into separate bins. I grew up in a … Read more »