Rx NURSE KRIS: Let’s Keep Kids From Choking Each Other

Adults think it’s obvious: choking kills.
But teens can view it as a temptation, an easy high that doesn’t cost a cent and can be done just about anywhere.
It’s called the Choking Game, and if you haven’t heard of it yet– read on, so you don’t find out the hard way.

Kids Know
I’ll bet your teen can tell you they’ve at least heard of it. There’s nothing tricky to it and there is no cost, except possibly a life.  Kids use belts, scarves– whatever is handy, to either strangulate themselves or a friend.  Cutting-off the blood supply gives a VERY  brief high.  The high is the result of oxygen rushing back to the brain after it’s cut off– permanently killing thousands of brain cells.

Kids as young as  7 to 21 are playing and…they are dying.

The problem is our perfectly imperfect square peg kids DO know better, we just need to tell them the consequences of this demented game. They might think “no one ever died from fainting” or “it’s just a game”– but it’s anything but a game. And it’s up to parents to tell kids the truth about choking and scare the heck out of them so they won’t give in to peer pressure and try it themselves.

Talk to your kids
No need to go into too much detail, just give them the basics.  The game is out there, they may come in contact with kids who want to try it. It’s dangerous. Kids are dying.  Once you educate yourself, you’ll know best how to handle educating your child.

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