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My Journey from Magnolia to Granola

I come from way down yonder

Your friend Dixie was reared in the South and lived there for the first thirty-sumpin’ years of her life. Then, fate (and marriage) took her far far across the Mason-Dixon line to the Pacific Northwest.

I had no idea that it was not just my coast that would change. Now, do go on. Born n’ bred on grits n’ gravy, things they were a’changin. The first thing that made me stand out amongst the locals, was my choice of attire. Apparently, Gortex, Nike and various squall-worthy (aka “sensible”) outerware are appropriate for any occasion. Sundresses and pearls were not. There are worse things than a mandatory new wardrobe. But, I refuse, I say REFUSE, to wear those “shoes”.  I’d rather drink a Pepsi.

Let’s clarify: You cook on a grill. You eat BBQ. Any questions?

Which brings us to the food. Second to shopping, another prized pastime. The South prides itself on culinary tradition…typically beginning with a rasher of bacon or butter that would make pre-Diabetic Paula Dean proud. Pork is king and veggies were boiled (with the requisite fatback) within an inch of their lives by most “Cooks”.

Northwestern cuisine is just dandy

“Chefs” here tend towards olive oil, local grassfed beef, and CSA fresh vegetables. There will always be a place in my heart for finger-licking ribs and cornbread, but since I want that heart of mine to last a long long time, my new culinary atmosphere would suit me (and my new wardrobe) just dandy. Read more »

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