10 Things I Learned By Age 50

Sometimes it takes half a lifetime to get to know how life works.  These are just a few things I’ve learned in my first few decades:

1.    Your children still love you, no matter how insane you were while going thorough perimenopause.

2.    Don’t believe it when someone says, “it’s too late“.

3.    Name tags on everything– not just luggage.  Key chains need name tags too.

4.    Plan ahead for retirement. It comes whether or not you have enough money socked away.

5.    It takes most of your life to figure out why you do what often doesn’t work for you.

6.    Forget the past.  Really.  It’s not part of today (but remember the good parts).  Today starts today.

7.    You’re never angry about what you think you’re angry about.

8.    Have a clock, watch or other time piece within your field of vision if you ever need to meet a schedule —which is every day.

9.    Don’t wait till the gas gauge points to “E“.

10.  Unsolicited advice to your kids or anyone else is usually not welcome.

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