New Boomer Challenge: Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

Distracted by “squirrels”

There’s a reason I never sent my Christmas cards– nor fulfilled my New Year’s resolution to organize my drawers.  I still need to finish that screenplay based on my dad’s memoirs too.  Sometimes I just get distracted.  Actually, some of us here at Domestic Square Peg suffer from what we call “The Squirrel Factor”.  It’s like when a dog is practicing his obedience school lesson, and he suddenly sees a squirrel and chases after it– forgetting he was in the middle of impressing his teacher with his good behavior.  We DSPs can barely get through a meeting without one of us “seeing a squirrel” (translation: coming up with another great idea) and going off on a tangent.  Luckily, we have gotten pretty good at reeling ourselves back on task.

A boomer problem?

However, I’ve noticed that I seem to see lots of “squirrels” lately, and did a little research into why I am so easily distracted– especially when I am attempting to complete less-than-exciting or difficult tasks.  There seems to be a relatively new phenomenon known as Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.  The condition appears to affect many of us DSP baby boomers who have super busy lives, tons of friends and perhaps over-commit ourselves.  But I don’t think you have to be a boomer to have this problem.

I’m not sure if there is a cure for this baffling condition that hampers our everyday DSP lives, but awareness is the first step to understanding why we sometimes feel exhausted at the end of a busy day, even if we haven’t accomplished a thing.

Is this you?

If you think you may have Age-Activated ADD, you’re going to love– and likely relate to– the humorous video I posted on our YouTube channel.  It’s produced by a group of people who truly understand this challenging subject.

Let me know if this sounds like some of your days!

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