DSP-Approved “No Cook” Camping Dinner Menu

Everyone in Oregon knows that September is the best month to go camping. The weather is unbeatable and the crowds are gone. But, not everyone knows that you can go camping and not spend the entire time cooking, cleaning and generally reproducing the dreadery of daily life.

I don’t know about you, but for DSP Dixie, camping is all about getting away and spending time with family unplugged and outdoors. I don’t want to stress about the meal planning, food prep and figuring out out how to clean all those silly camping pots.

After some thought and experimentation, I came up with my no-fail, no-mess, no-stress DSP-approved camping menu. It’s gluten free, inexpensive and darn tasty to boot.

Oh, and did I mention it pairs nicely with a batch of my legendary 4-5-6 Margaritas?

Recipes and directions follow but if you are more visual, check out the how-to video here.

Frito Chili Bags

  • Individual Frito bags (one per person, two for my husband)
  • Cans of chili – any kind you like
  • Shredded Cheese*
  • Chopped Onion or Scallion*
  • Sour Cream
  • Chopped Avocado if you are fancy or healthful or from California

*I chop these at home and stick them in ziploc bags

Just heat the chili over the fire (or eat it room temp if your family is starving or don’t really care if it’s hot or not- it’s all good). Open the Frito bags and scoop some chili in each bag. Spoon on your favorite toppings and get your grub on.

We also like to have a little something on the side. The ol’ salad in a bag always works but my kids still don’t dig salad, so I had to search out an alternative kid-friendly veg. I heard about the legend of “cooler corn” and gave that a whirl and it was an astounding success all the way around- and too easy to believe without seeing for yourself.  Try this:

Cooler Corn

  • Shucked corn on the cob
  • Hot water
  • Clean cooler

Simply fill your clean plastic cooler (take out the beer first) with enough corn on the cob to feed your posse. Heat water on the fire and pour over the corn. Close the lid. Make another margarita while your corn steams. It depends on how much you like your corn cooked (till it’s mush for the Southerners or only barely softened for the Pacific Northwesterners).  Your taste will determine how long you let it steam. It only takes 10 minutes or so, depending on how hot your water is.

Remove it from the cooler carefully and slather on some butter and salt and you got yourself some lip-smackin’ cooler corn.

Happy Trails!

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