Easy Kids Birthday Parties – DSP Style

We all want our children to have fun, special and meaningful memories for their birthdays. These days, however, some parents are spending more on their kids third birthday than my parents spent on their first home.

What happened to the good ol days where your mom made a cake, your dad blew up balloons, and the kids all ran around playing tag and had a BALL?

Those parties are now replaced with a visit from The Reptile Man, a limo ride to spa dates, custom mini $4  vegan cupcakes, and overnight trips. I don’t know about you all, but I find this sad. Plus, there is no way I can afford those extravagances nor do I think children should be so indulged.

Since I still want to make my kid’s birthday as special as the next, I came up with a formula to host these yearly events and if I do say so myself…they ROCK.

Here’s my top 10 ways to host a FAB kids birthday party – for under $50

  1. Who: Once my kids were comfortable (Kindergarten on), we only had “drop-off” parties – where the parents dropped the kids off and were not invited to the event themselves. Make sure you put this on the invitation so it is not a surprise. This saves money because you don’t have to provide food or drink for the adults and even better, you don’t really have to clean your house. It’s a proven fact that kids can’t see dust or clutter.
  2. What: Goody Bags. Please do not send my kids home with another bag full of dollar store plastic made in China or cheap candies. Since when do you get a gift for attending someone’s party? Instead, create a take-home art project, supply the children with a themed costume item, or give a donation in the kid’s names to a local charity. We all know those crappy plastic filler toys get thrown away by accident/on purpose a week after the event anyway.
  3. When: I always schedule my kids parties from 2-4pm. This avoids meal time and I can get away with cake and ice cream or other themed dessert only. We all know this also means that no adult drinks need to be provided for DSP Dixie’s friends this way…that save big bucks in itself.
  4. Where: At your house. Or at a park or playground. Or at a friend’s or grandparent’s home. It’s really not that hard stick to a small number (less than 10) of kids.
  5. How: One word: Theme. Even the least crafty DSP can pull off a Cowboy, Princess, Disney or Construction theme. Chose your theme and plan the treats (I recommend ice your own store-bought cookie or cupcake because it’s fun, interactive, inexpensive and makes your job easier)

Now, let’s party!

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