Vision Problems: A Family Epidemic

All day long my family runs up and down the stairs practically having to hurdle over the mounting pile of shoes, socks, clothes, books, and toys that I have put on the bottom stair for everyone to take up to their rooms. Yet, at the end of the day when I ask them if they have picked up those items they look at me blankly and say,

“What stuff on the stairs?”

That is a vision problem.

“Are you still at the store? We are out of yogurt.” My husband calls and asks me while I am finishing up at the checkout counter.

“Are you sure? I just bought a case at COSTCO. We could not have eaten all of it that fast.” I asked perplexed.

If Mom sees it, I don’t have to


“Honey, I am standing here in front of the refrigerator right now, and there is none,” he said convincingly.

I finish my transaction and load my groceries into the car. Then I run back in the store to buy yogurt wondering if I am losing my mind. Of course, by the time I get the yogurt and get back to the checkout counter there is a long line.

After unloading the last bag of groceries at home, I open the refrigerator and without moving a thing, I see the entire case of yogurt on the bottom shelf.

That is a vision problem.

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