This Tag Was Made For Me

Yup. Mirror Mirror on the wall, I’m not my Mother after all.

Or, check out this post on Mighty Mendit! … even better!


Not (Quite) Mother’s Sew What?

Un-Domesticated I never took Home Ec. I’ve never owned a sewing machine. I don’t know a bobbin from a hole in the wall. My “sewing kit” is literally one of those small free Clinique gift-with-purchase make-up bags. It has a … Read more »

My DLLS (dirty little laundry secret)

Sometimes, perhaps oftentimes, I pull pieces of my kids clothing out of the dirty hamper- especially if I have recently spied said item on their bedroom floor. I give it the once over, the smell test, and more times than … Read more »

Now They See It, Now They Don’t

I fancied myself one smart momma when I posted a sign that read “Do not leave stuff here. Thank you.” by our backdoor…at the site of my family’s just drop anything and everything spot. I bathed in the compliments I … Read more »

The Hazards of Buying Things from COSTCO

In theory COSTCO is the perfect place to shop. By purchasing in bulk a person can reduce the number of trips to the store, allow you to often pay less by buying in large quantities. And as we approach summer break, … Read more »

The Importance of a Messy Car

The inside of my SUV looks like someone lives in it. And the reality is you could actually survive a solid week or more without seeking outside supplies. There are no less than seven pairs of socks strewn throughout the … Read more »