Quit Stealing the Kid’s Pixie Dust

Recently while killing time in a hotel lobby, I noticed a discarded Los Angeles Times newspaper sitting on a table. I was almost giddy when I saw my once favorite section, the comics, on top.

Am I the only mom longing for good, clean fun?

As a child, every Sunday morning I would get up early and run out to our driveway to get the newspaper so I could be the first one in our family to read the comic section, or as we refered to it, the “funny pages” I could not wait to see if Charlie Brown would finally get to kick the football Lucy was holding, or if  Dennis the Menace would be in trouble again. The colorful pages were filled with lots of laughs and a feeling that I was actually friends with all of these endearing characters. But on this day my childlike bubble burst like a piece of sticky gum that got stuck in your hair and had to get cut out. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Childhood innocence didn’t exist on these pages anymore

The lead strip was no longer Peanuts but Doonesbury discussing how silly it is that marajuana isn’t legal everywhere. I was further shocked when I discovered that most of the strips geared towards kids were buried in the back pages. Childhood innocence didn’t exist on these pages anymore. These comics strips were for adults.

Later that day I heard on the radio that two men were scheduled to be married on a float in the Rose Parade in Pasedina, California to celebrate gay marriage. When did the parade that once featured pixies and animals all made from flowers accompanied by a string of high school marching bands turn into a platform for political and social statements?

Are the streets no longer lined with lawn chairs filled with innocent children sipping hot chocolate staring at the floats filled with princesses and action heros wishing they were on one too?

There is not a single televised sporting event that does not feature advertisments for erectile disfunction medication or trailors for violent video games now. And I can’t imagine I am alone holding my breath praying that the eight year old next to me on the couch won’t ask me what the word “erection” means.

 holding my breath…

I have never considered myself as a prude or uptight person but I long for the innocence that I experienced as a child. This Domestic Square Peg believes it is time to tell adults to keep their hands off the kids’ pixie dust. They are stealing the magic for little kids and big kids like me who still enjoy the innocence of these childhood treasures.

Am I the only mom longing for good, clean fun when it comes to my Sunday comics and TV night with the kids?

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