Aerosmith Had it Right – Get a Grip!

The surprise ending

I recently had a HOLY CRAP! moment at the end of one of our boy’s 5th/6th grade lacrosse practices.  I actually had five (1-2-3-4-5) players come up to me after practice, look me in the eyes, extend their arm at a 105 degree angle, and offer their hand to give their thanks for such a great practice.  I just about fell over.  Not only did they LOOK at me, they gave me a firm handshake, and capped it with a solid (albeit with a pre-pubescent pitch) “Thank you Coach!

“You say you want an revolution…”

I came straight home and immediately began gushing to my wife, assuming these boys and their parents had been reading all of our In Defense of Men posts and were motivated to start their own Manvolution.  She immediately put me in my place and reminded me they were likely pulling and Eddie Haskel and trying to get more playing time.  Either way, it gave me the opportunity to reflect on the current state of the handshake amongst men and women. There are as many types of handshakes as there are Domestic Square Pegs.

To begin with, I have always performed a subconscious analysis with anyone I have come to grips with.  I analyze both their approach to the hand-engagement, as well as a Madden-like analysis of my own performance in the transaction.  There are roughly four types of handshakers out there: the Offering a Dead Fish, the Crusher, the Fist Bumper and the Confident but Not Overstated Man/Woman.

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My first love

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