Are You Handcuffed, too?

Today I received over 95 emails.  34 were waiting for me when I woke up and the balance were received up to 6PM which is where I have stopped counting.  I know I’ll get some more before I settle into bed.

Now I imagine Bill Gates receives more and I also imagine he has a few intermediaries that filter out the sorta important and make sure only the really, really important stuff actually lands in the inbox.  And I don’t mean the stuff with the red exclamation point (!) ‘cause that’s too easy.  I mean the really important stuff.

Back in the Day

How did we get like this?  I can almost remember my first electronic mail message in 1994 and how it was just a hello from a co-worker.  That’s when the problem started. I responded to that first —– email.  Now, I feel obligated to respond to just about everything and that response elicits a retort of its own.  If my wife sends me an email saying she will be late for dinner, why must I respond ‘OK’?  And why must she then respond ‘Thanks’ or ‘Good’?  This is crazy and we know it, but we keep it up and up and up.

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