Not (Quite) Mother’s Way to “Shout it Out!”

Here’s a shorter shortcut for you DSPs who either hate doing laundry, don’t know how to do laundry, or just don’t have enough time in the day to sort things out.

I discovered one of the greatest inventions of the century

Laundry day for a Domestic Square Peg like me used to mean stress- stress about sorting clothes according to color, fabric, delicates, dirt quantity, his and hers…but was I making it too complicated?   That’s how my mom taught me—as did the random red soccer sock that invariably found itself in with a white wash.  We all know how that turns out.

But then I discovered one of the greatest inventions of the century:  SC Johnson’s Shout® Color Catcher®Check it out at their super-clean and informative website.  The makers of the famous Shout® Stain Remover have outdone themselves with this simple solution to separation anxiety.  What looks like a simple dryer sheet that protects against static cling acts like a little magnet that actually attracts dyes in wash water so they don’t land on your white T-shirt or anything else. 

Miracle Color Cure

What could make laundry day any easier?  Seriously!  I had to see the dye on the sheet to believe it—so I did my own experiment with an old white shirt and brand new red dishtowel and Voila!  The only pink was on the Color Catcher®!

If there’s one thing every Domestic Square Peg needs in the laundry room (OK, besides detergent) it’s a tool that keeps colors from bleeding.  I save time not sorting, save money by not washing half-loads, save peace of mind by knowing that no matter how scatter-brained I am, I won’t screw up another laundry load because of mixing colors.  Now if can just figure out what the heck “perm-press” is all about.

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