When Will a “True Story” Ever Tell the Truth?

It’s funny to me how entertainment and the media can affect how someone will view a situation.   When someone finds their way onto television or into a movie, they are almost instantly lifted to celebrity status by a frightening large cross-section of our society.

I’m confused.

Movies also blur reality. I’m not talking about battling robot cars or dueling wizards, we all know that’s just good entertainment.  I’m talking about the “true” stories that uplift and inspire us.  When directors and screenwriters get involved, however, much of the truth winds up on the cutting room floor.

I’ll admit, I’ve been caught up in it too. Arguably one of the best sports movies of all time is Rudy.  At the end of this movie, when the crowd is chanting “Rudy!  Rudy!” and his dad is crying in the stands as Vince Vaughn jogs off the field, pokes the ball in Rudy’s chest and says; “That was for you!” –doesn’t the hair on the back of your neck stand up a little?

Then, when Jon Favreau screams “Who’s the wild man now?”, just try to hold back a little sniff. I dare you.



It’s time to take a breath and gain a little perspective.  I played college football and I didn’t understand the reality of Rudy until I got my first starting job in my third year.  I hate to break it to you but, EVERY TEAM HAS A RUDY!  Most have loads of them.  It’s called a “Scout Team”.  Hell, there was a time that I was a “Rudy”.  Only then they called it being a “Scout Team All-American”.  There is always a guy that is trying WAY too hard on Tuesday’s practice and ends up getting his bell rung day in and day out.  I know.  I was him.  I was annoying.

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