Dear Mom, What Were You Thinking?

Dear Mother,

Happy Mother’s Day!  What the heck were you thinking?

Now I imagine that my Dad was a pretty charming fella and held that cigarette just right.  I know he could dip his fedora in such a way that the shadow crossed his nose and made it look smaller than it was.  And Dad could dance and swing a golf club and had friends who seemed mostly sober.  But he also had FOUR children including three in diapers and you married him anyway.

What the heck were you thinking?

Now Mom, I’ve seen the pictures and you were certainly beautiful.  And smart, geez you must have been brilliant.  But that old man was 36 when you agreed to leave your friends and roommates to take up residence in a big farm house with HIS parents and all those snotty nosed kids.  You were barely 26 yourself and had beaus by the bushel.  You had a real career in journalism working as a radio announcer and were being feted all over town.

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