DSP-isms #1 Defined

DSP-isms defined #1:  If you took the word domestic, which means to perform tasks and manage activities pertaining to home, household, and/or family members, and combine it with the words square peg, which mean to not fit in, you would get a Domestic Square Peg. (DSP)

Sometimes our “DSP-isms” show up outside the realm of household or work tasks– they can affect any area of our crazy life.

Here’s one I’m all too familiar with…

I spent 20 minutes looking for my glasses, which I eventually found… on my forehead.

Not (Quite) Mother’s Way to “Shout it Out!”

Here’s a shorter shortcut for you DSPs who either hate doing laundry, don’t know how to do laundry, or just don’t have enough time in the day to sort things out. I discovered one of the greatest inventions of the century … Read more »

I Found my Phone in the Refrigerator…

So you already know that I am a DSP because my memory is half-empty.  But my cup is half-full, and that’s why I can laugh about what happened to me this week… Too Busy I’ve come to the conclusion (in … Read more »

You May be a DSP Like Connie if…

Who is DSP Connie:  Documentary/marketing filmmaker, young Baby Boomer and ever-evolving Domestic Square Peg. Tardy, a bit disorganized and easily distracted. DSP Connie’s passionate about everything from writing to music to nature. An avid weekend warrior, she loves outdoor adventures. … Read more »

Pondering Life, On A Mountain Bike

Watching this summer’s Olympic Games inspired me to revisit my mountain biking analogies. Mountain biking is a lot like life: you’re on a ride with many twists, turns and bumps.  If you’re not careful, you’ll go over the handlebars.  But … Read more »

I’m a Bionic Boomer Olympian– In My Dreams

So excited for the Summer Olympic Games and, as I do every Olympic year, I’m dreaming of what it would have been like for me to have been an Olympic athlete.  Is it really too late? I tried to get … Read more »

Boomers Recharge at “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”

So you think anyone upwards of 50 is “over the hill”?  Have nothing to look forward to?  We’re just square pegs stuck in a world where we don’t fit into anything other than society’s stereotypes of old farts with nothing … Read more »

I Love Learning to ZUMBA!

Bored with Routine I love to exercise, but lately my training has been, well, boring.  Lift weights Mondays, stationary bike Tuesdays, lift Wednesdays… and not only was I getting bored, my muscles were too- and I still couldn’t loose those … Read more »

Nora Ephron’s Words Leave Us Laughing…and Crying…and Forever Wondering What She Might Have Written Next….

Legendary writer and filmmaker, Nora Ephron, leaves many anecdotes, quotes and lessons in the wake of her death from leukemia Tuesday at the age of 71.  We consider her a sister among us Domestic Square Pegs. My mother was a … Read more »

He Was My Dad in My Eyes- But Others Saw Him Differently

He read me stories. He encouraged me to write and illustrate my own tales.  He drew pictures with me and my siblings.  He left each morning for work as an elementary school principal.  He took us on trips.  He bar-b-qued. … Read more »