DSP Lovey vs. Her Family: There is Photo Evidence

If you have had your fill of hearing your family say “It wasn’t me”, “I didn’t do that!” or “I always clean up”,  consider doing what DSP Lovey decided to do, collect photo evidence. We are pretty confident seeking a conviction for these crimes will not be difficult, since the evidence is pretty damaging. Review her case below. We have a feeling at least a few of these crimes are being committed at your own home.

DSP Lovey vs. Her Family 

changing the TP roll, last sheet of TP Change the darn roll. If a person leaves only a single sheet of toilet paper on the cardboard roll, should they be required to change it? If actions truly speaks louder than words, my family’s actions scream “NO!”  When I ask them why they didn’t change the roll they say, “I didn’t use it all, there is plenty left.” Does this look like “plenty” to you?







Getting another bar of soap before one is finished, toss the old oneHow many bars of soap do you need at one time? I don’t get this at all? Why not finish one bar completely before starting to use a new one?






Kids leaving tooth paste in sink. Kids using mom's sinkSpit (and rinse) in your own sink!  It is one thing to spit globs of toothpaste in your own sink and not rinse it out, it is another when it is mine. You can tell by the Spiderman toothbrush that my son prefers to mess up my sink. How can a person just leave this mess?





No one throws away Empty shampoo bottlesThe Empty Shampoo Bottles Fairy. Every month I announce to my husband that the “Empty Shampoo Bottle Fairy” has come again and taken all the empty bottles and replaced them with full ones. If the fairy fails to come the empty bottles start stacking up in the shower.





Leaving stuff on the stairs, kids not putting things awayThe Stuff everyone steps over. Every stinking day I ask my family to take their stuff upstairs. They each go up and down no less than six times a day, yet their the stuff sits. They claim they didn’t see it. Can you see it? I sure can!







Pet peeves, dishes in the sinkThe dreaded dishes in the sink. Truly criminal! How tough is it to rinse off a plate and place it in the dishwasher three inches away from the sink? Don’t leave dishes in the sink. Ever!





kids leaving shoes on the table, leaving shoes everywhereAfter you have seen this one you won’t want to eat dinner at my house. My twelve year olds’ size twelve shoes on our kitchen table. Yuck! Further yuck is one of my boys’ sports cup sitting on our counter, but it was too repulsive to show you. (Please note I sanitized all of the surfaces immediately after this picture was taken.)




Losing TV remotes, losing the batteries, How many remotes do you needHow many backless remote controls do you need? I still don’t even know which one turns on the TV, but I do know my family has somehow managed to lose every single battery cover. Why were they off to begin with and how is it possible that they have all vanished into thin air? So now we are constantly searching for either the actual remote control or just the batteries that fell out because the tape didn’t hold.



Towel bars are for hanging towel, towels on the floorTowel bars are for hanging towel. Need I say more?









Missing the laundry basket, kids dirty clothes, throwing clothes on the floorLaundry baskets are for dirty laundry. My husband played in the NBA for sixteen years, my kid cannot have this bad of a shot. Yes, that is a laundry basket next to a pile of dirty clothes.








Clean out the refrigerator, leftovers,We never eat the leftovers. I make dinner, he does the dishes. That’s the deal I have with my husband. But here is the problem: my family is awful at eating leftovers, but my husband refuses to throw away “perfectly good food”. So he doesn’t  Once a week I clean out the assortment of untouched plastic wrapped food. Is this really necessary? Note to husband: Eat it or toss it.




Amost Empty cereal boxesMovie set boxes of cereal. On a movie set the film crew fills the cabinets with empty boxes of cereal. At our house we have something very similar. If you combined the content of all of the boxes in this picture you would almost have one full bowl of semi-stale cereal.




unmatched socks, lost socksThe three foot tall basket chock full of unmatched socks. I asked my kids to match these socks, but here they sit. I even pitched it to them that it would be like playing the Memory board game they loved so much when they were little. Clearly no one believed me.







Why do my kids throw the pillows on the floor?Leave the pillows on the couch. If my kids are not throwing the pillows at each other, they are tossing them on the floor. I am considering getting rid of them since they spend more time on the floor than they do on the couch.

I am pretty sure this photo evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the crimes my family swears they did not commit, actually did occur. (Multiple times!)

I, DSP Lovey, rest my case.

So I ask you, “Would you find them GUILTY as charged?”

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2 Responses to DSP Lovey vs. Her Family: There is Photo Evidence

  1. Steve Marcy says:

    Too funny, you hit the nail on the heads on all accounts except the leftover one, I am a pig and love to eat leftovers so that is Dad’s dept, the rest of this was spot on. Too funny.

  2. kim peeler says:

    Yep, my house too, we are bad about leftovers as well. Maybe if you set the leftovers up like a buffet they will eat them. I think the non hanging up of towels bugs me the most.

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