Bionic Boomers Know it’s Never too Late to Live in the Prime of Your Life

I like to think of myself as progressively regressing in age.  I  mean, seriously, just because I’m past my first half-century on this earth,  I don’t have to accept the standard belief that we folks over 50 have hit the end of our “productive years”.  Many Baby Boomers think they’re too old to continue or rekindle their active lifestyle.  Some even think bicycles are for kids, and learning ended with college.  I may be a peggy imperfectionist  but I don’t believe we are doomed to be “past our prime” based on our chronological age.

Better living with space-age parts

I’m a Domestic Square Peg in some areas of my life, and am nearly 15 years senior to DSP Lovey, but the only part- or should I say parts- that had temporarily shut me down were my knees.  The older I got, the more useless my knees became, but I didn’t let that stop me from living my life.

The 21st century introduced us to wireless internet, electric cars and now, replaceable joints.  Recent medical advances for artificial knee, hip and even corneal replacements has truly given my generation a- pardon the cliche- new lease on life.  So, when I got the chance to change out my worn out knees, I jumped at it.   I am happy to report that I’m now reaping the benefits of what I call “space-age parts”.

Becoming the bionic couple

Eighteen months ago, I had  total knee joint replacement surgery on both knees at the same time.   My husband had the same procedure three years before me, and he skied 101 days last season.  His successful recovery inspired me to undergo the operation.  I hadn’t skied in nearly two years- sidelined due to debilitating pain from arthritis, overuse and injury.

Following months of physical therapy and training to get my knees to bend to at least a 90 degree angle and regain muscle tone, I am doing great.  In fact, I recently skied  nine days this winter, and am looking forward to many more ski days this season.  I am amazed at how wonderful it feels to ski without pain!

Celebrating gratitude

After my first ski run, which I did solo, I was thrilled to experience the joy of skiing pain-free, and to feel as strong as a 30-something!  As I rode the chair up the mountain for my second run, I was filled with gratitude for a second chance to enjoy my passion for skiing.  I was thankful for modern medicine, to Dr Don Roberts who performed the miracle makeover of my knees, and for my wonderful husband who supported me through the challenging surgery and recovery.  I celebrated my triumph, fogging up my goggles with tears of joy and gratitude, and found myself thanking someone I hadn’t anticipated: I thanked myself for the courage and hard work it took to achieve this goal.

Rethink the impossible

My husband may not be the Six-Million Dollar Man, and I’m no Bionic Woman, but we both feel like The Avengers, having wrangled new leases on our active lives. Anyone who thinks passion for life stops at 50 or even 40– rethink the impossible.   With determination, passion, and the benefit of medical marvels, you can live a life aligned with your dreams.  Now Boomers, you have no excuse to sit there and blame time on the fact that you aren’t taking those tennis lessons or hiking in the mountains or riding your bike in the woods.  Get off the couch and live!

DSP Connie gets a new lease on life, with new knees

Celebrating in Sun Valley!

OK, the truth about the photo…

So the photo at the top of this article isn’t me, (except in my head) but here I am standing on top of  Bald Mountain on a beautiful, Sun Valley day.  I am enjoying the prime of my life thanks to the magic of chromium cobalt knees!

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3 Responses to Bionic Boomers Know it’s Never too Late to Live in the Prime of Your Life

  1. Denise M says:

    Inspiring testimony, Connie, to keeping our passion alive. Thank you

  2. Jake M. says:

    As a knee surgery veteran I can’t wait for the day I get my new pair! Good work Connie! Just watch out for those dangnabit hooligan kids on the mountain with their newfangled snowboards and powder-skis:)

  3. Jenn says:

    Miss Connie, I just love you. Although I will let everyone know that you never let your “old” knees slow you down one iota.

    You are such a wonderful person, and I’m so happy you shared your story to inspire the rest of us!

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