Can Food Mock a Person? Photo Evidence (Yes, It Is REAL!) Proves It

I am not the best cook, and for a brief moment while making breakfast this morning, I thought my domestic insecurities were causing me to hallucinate that food was now mocking me. I was so relieved when my kids confirmed that they could see the faces on the banana slices too!

This picture is the real deal! I made a piece of toast for each child, added peanut butter and sliced up a banana. I picked up one plate to hand it to my son and had to do a double take. I couldn’t believe it!  All these little faces staring at me.

My kids thought it was so cool!  My oldest son begged me to let him eat it. He had been so proud when he took the last bite, but then my daughter told him he would nowbe haunted all day long by the “Ghost of the Eaten Banana”. Now he is trying to act like he is not freaked out, but she definitely got him concerned.

I am pretty sure he will be sleeping in my room tonight.


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3 Responses to Can Food Mock a Person? Photo Evidence (Yes, It Is REAL!) Proves It

  1. Jennifer and Natlie Laizure says:

    we loved your story we thought it was the cutest and one of the funniest stories we have ever heard!!! :)
    Jenn and Natalie

  2. Nicole says:

    This is hysterical!

  3. susan says:


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