Dr. Castle Pet Vet: Tackling DSP Pet “Peeves”

Dear Dr. Castle, Why does my 11-month-old puppy love to chew so much? Sometimes on his toys, but more often on my sunglasses, remote control or favorite shoes. Ugh! I have been giving him large real beef rib bones (leftover … Read more »

Change Is Good

It’s time to mix things up a bit.  You’ll already notice a few changes here at DSP on our Home page, and more are in the works.  So, keep in touch– we’ll be back with fresh articles, reviews and other … Read more »

Not (Quite) Mother’s Best “Homemade” Cookies

The Best Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever (Truly) One of my mom’s dearest friends, we’ll call her T, is well known within our community for being The Best Baker Ever.  Literally, every cookie, muffin, peanut butter bar that comes out … Read more »

Favorite Apps WE Love and Think YOU Might Like Too!

DSP Nurse Kris: “My Lookout” This FREE app protects against the newest form of identity theft and trouble– on your cell phone.  It protects against malware, phishing and theft. It also helps you find your phone if it gets misplaced– Connie? … Read more »

Imperfectly Perfect Costumes for Both DSP Pets and People!

WE GATHERED TOGETHER A FEW LAST MINUTE COSTUME IDEAS WE THINK ARE FUN, EASY AND DSP-THEMED FOR HALLOWEEN.   Take a look and tell us what you think ~ easy enough?   …and you can get two holidays out of … Read more »

Domestic Square Peg on KOINLocal 6 9/24-9/28 4pm

MONDAY 9/24:  Dog Party at the Park - Community drinking bowls, a lot of sniffing and some serious quirky canine behavior. What’s normal and what’s not? Preparing you and your furry friend for your next trip to the dog park.     … Read more »

Dr. Castle Pet Vet: Social Networking For Pets?

Dear Dr. Castle, Why does my dog want to stop, sniff and then relieve himself on the same telephone pole every time they go for a walk, even if he just went to the bathroom? Michelle from Tulsa, OK Dear … Read more »

Guest Writer DSP Dad Eric Taylor: When the Language Barrier is Broken

In the place that is Portlandia, soccer is sort of a  big deal. My children play soccer, watch it on television and have been to many a Portland Timbers game where we sit in the upper-level seats of the Timbers Army section. … Read more »

Peg Vet Dr Castle: What’s With My Dog Eating Grass?

Dear Dr. Castle,  Should I be concerned that my dog is always eating grass? Just curious!  Stacy of Corona, CA Dear Stacy, We veterinarians get this question about dogs eating grass at least two to three times a week. Pet owners … Read more »

Study Abroad Lesson 4: Where DO I Fit?

Square Peg Kids guest contributor, Hannah, is a 17 year old High School student from Central Oregon. When she was nine, she told her mother she was going to live in Spain. Eight years later she’s finally there in Andalucia, and finding … Read more »