Rx NURSE KRIS: Redefining the “F- Word”

“The f-word” Not long ago, I heard a little boy being scolded by his parent for doing something each and every one of us do on a daily basis and– quite frankly– need to do. I’m talking about that break of … Read more »

Rx Nurse Kris: Kick the Urge to Count Calories Over the Holidays and Enjoy Your Meal

“Hard to Believe: Average Thanksgiving Meal Equals 3,000 Calories and 229 Grams of Fat!” “Thanksgiving Calorie Calculator: How Far to Walk Off Thanksgiving…” “Thanksgiving Survival Guide” Yikes!  I don’t know about you, but I feel guilty already and I haven’t … Read more »

Rx NURSE KRIS: Stick It Where the Sun DON’T Shine

I love the sun. It just so happens, I live in an area of the country where the sun just don’t shine. The truth is the sun is somewhere high above the cloud cover just about half of the year … Read more »

Rx NURSE KRIS: Alternatives to the Traditional Easter Basket

With Easter right around the corner, candy bunnies are multiplying just about as fast as DSP Dixie’s collection of Southern cocktails.  But have you ever thought about looking beyond the chocolate bunny? Now I am not here to ruin all the … Read more »

Rx NURSE KRIS: Time to “Pick” Another Habit

Nose picking.  You do it.  I do it.  Everyone has been caught doing it at one time or another (remember Seinfeld?)– and then there’s the 5-year-old who does it. When you, me or Seinfeld does it, there’s an itch.  When kids … Read more »

Nurse Kris: Your (almost) Daily Dose

Mary of Canberra, Australia wonders if drinking cranberry juice can really discourage urinary tract infections? I’m not surprised you are confused– me too!  And what a terrible predicament to be in when it comes to such a nasty infection, which always seems to … Read more »

Nurse Kris: Your (almost) Daily Dose

I don’t like to work out, but I know it’s good for me.  I reluctantly get my rear in gear to get moving.  So, it’s no surprise I love a good ‘ole Dixie Shortcut when I can get it– well, … Read more »

Nurse Kris: Your (almost) Daily Dose

So you’ve got a big zit*.  C’mon, you KNOW you want to pop it, but everything you’ve ever read says NOT TO! Truth is, even skin docs have popped their own pimples from time to time and here’s how they … Read more »

DSP Nurse Kris: Your (almost) Daily Dose

Maria of Louisiana loves to chew gum, but her husband thinks it’s annoying.  Are there any benefits to chomping away? While I have to agree chewing gum can certainly be annoying when done with an open mouth, it can also … Read more »

Nurse Kris: Your (almost) Daily Dose

Eggs.  When will the “experts” decide their final fate? First they are bad for you, then good, now new research says they are bad– again.  So bad, in fact, eating three whole eggs a week can thicken the arteries as much … Read more »