You May Be A DSP Like DSP HARLEY If…

Who is DSP Harley? Dork. Nerd. Linebacker. Husband. Stay-at-home Dad. Step-father. Coach. Student. Friend. DSP Harley doesn’t mind funny looks when talking to kids and players about honor, respect, dignity, and discipline. Is a HUGE fan of the lost art-form … Read more »

You Asked. I Called It Like I See It.

The overwhelming theme at “In Defense of Men” is that we “Call it like we see it.”  No sugar-coating.  No filters.  What you see is our pure, unbiased analysis of both serious (bullying) and not-so-serious (man-scaping) issues. With that in mind…I have to … Read more »

Retro-Sexual: It’s What “Fits” for Me!

With all the current media hype surrounding male grooming, our In Defense of Men DSPs couldn’t wait to get their hands on the subject. Some are slightly manicured and others are spotted with bike grease, but they all call it like they see it. … Read more »

DSP HARLEY: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I almost never watch standard definition TV or movies.  I am a bit of an HD-elitist with my screens. I almost always eat some type of meat during my meals. I will NOT eat mayonnaise. Seriously…look at that stuff…YUCK!!! The first time … Read more »

Aerosmith Had it Right – Get a Grip!

The surprise ending I recently had a HOLY CRAP! moment at the end of one of our boy’s 5th/6th grade lacrosse practices.  I actually had five (1-2-3-4-5) players come up to me after practice, look me in the eyes, extend their arm at a … Read more »

I Was a Man the Last Time I Checked…

Generally this section is reserved for us Square dudes to defend men and our actions.  But lately I have been plagued with the same thoughts in my head as I leave the gym, work, kids’ schools, and sports fields.  What does it … Read more »