Another Proud Mom Moment

Out of the mouth of babes.

Why is it that children will always make false, inflammatory statements about you when you are not there to defend yourself?

While watching my eldest child’s basketball game today, a nice grandmother who often works at my children’s school, ask if she could share a “sweet story” about my nine year old son.

Did he really say that?

She explained that she was helping with a project called, “You Make the Best..” The children were all drawing pictures and making list of their favorite home cooked meals.  She noticed that while all the other children were busy, my son had not even started.

“What is a favorite meal your mom makes at home?” she asked him.

“She doesn’t cook, my sister (who is only 10!) does,” he explained.

The grandmother explained how she threw out a few basic options, like meat loaf, tacos, and stir fry thinking it would jog his memory.

“Nope, nope, nope, she doesn’t make any of those things,” he dismissed.

“Well, there has to be something, anything?” she asked him feeling desperate.

“Cereal,” he exclaimed excitedly, as if he had finally solved a great mystery.

Cereal!! Are you kidding me? I do cook!  I do make meat loaf, tacos and stir fry. There may even be two or three other meals I would consider edible, maybe even good. What the heck?

No chance to defend the myself

Now I know that on a rare rushed occasion, I have had to pull back into the garage upon noticing that my youngest child was still on the couch watching cartoons and not in the car.  But I know this child has sat at the same dinner table with the rest of my family eating each and every one of the meals he insisted I have never made!

As I tried desperately to defend myself to this sweet grandmother, she merely shook her head, patted my back gently (clearly with great pity) and unconvincingly said, “It’s o.k. You are a busy mom and besides cereal has a lot of nutritional value.”

I can’t win.



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One Response to Another Proud Mom Moment

  1. Mom says:

    I read each one again, loved each one. Keep up the good work, love your humor!!!

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