5 Secrets to my Fifty Shades of Tomato Gardening

At this time each year, I am anxious to harvest my first ripe, sweet and delicious tomato of the season. Being a city girl, my plot consists of a measly 3 ‘mater plants, a handful of herbs, and a broccoli or two. This makes each and every harvest special.

Besides my small haul, I also struggle each year with getting my bountiful amounts of green tomatoes to ripen to red. I’ve tried several theories to encourage ripening, with varied success.

After reading the best selling and least appropriate book Fifty Shades of Grey, I was “motivated” to take on a new approach to gardening.

DSP Dixie’s 5 Secrets to Fifty Shades of Tomato Gardening

1. PINCH off the suckers aggressively.

2. TIE the rogue sprouts to a strong metal tomato cage.

3. DEPRIVE the plants of water when you want them to ripen.

4. COLLAR plants to deter cutworms.

5. TWIST off the plant’s top shoot when last fruit of the season appears.

If all else fails, simply harvest the green tomatoes, SLICE them up, TOSS them in egg and cornmeal, and FRY them in oil. Fried Green Tomatoes was a sensational book, too!

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One Response to 5 Secrets to my Fifty Shades of Tomato Gardening

  1. Judy says:

    Still waiting on my beautiful red tomato to fall into my hand. I guess I need my grand daughter to help me with the suckers. Got all of the rest of the hints covered, now I need the bacon and a BLT awaits!

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