14 Day Egg White Challenge … Ready, Set, Go!

We all know that egg whites for breakfast are the king of protein. They are gluten-free (DSP Connie), easy to make (DSP Lovey), low in fat (DSP Harley) and healthy (DSP Nurse Kris)!  Plus, they can be made in an unlimited number of ways (DSP Jack-of-all-trades) and don’t require much clean-up (DSP Dixie).

One cup of egg whites has 117 calories, 0 grams of fat, 26 grams of protein and 2 carbs for those who are counting.

They really do FIT for many of us. With this in mind, your friend DSP Dixie took the challenge and ate these magical, mythical egg whites for 14 days and below you’ll find creative and easy ways to jazz them up a bit. Instead of separating the whole eggs, I bought a giant carton of Egg Beaters egg whites at Costco and called it good.


  1. Cream cheese
  2. Shredded cheddar
  3. Shredded cheddar and cubed deli ham
  4. Leftover sauteed onions and peppers
  5. Hot sauce
  6. Hummus
  7. Chopped black olive and tomatoes
  8. Guacamole on top
  9. Cilantro
  10. Mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and sprinkled with basil
  11. Leftover baked beans (My Mom recommended this and it is deeeeelish!)
  12. Chopped jalepenos and pepper jack cheese
  13. Pesto
  14. Bacon (saved the best for last!)

Two weeks went by faster than a one legged man in a butt-kicking contest.

A breakfast heavy in protein really does keep me fuller longer, but I think I am going back to oatmeal for a week

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